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Iori Hayashi Profile

In my opinion, «Harpsichord» is a devil who destroyed my life when I wanted to become a pianist,
And now, it is an angel who protects and guides my life as a harpsichordist ——



[Official profile]

Iori Hayashi was born in Japan in 1989,

He devoted himself in studying piano at University of Arts in Kyoto to become a specialist in romantic music.

In this time, he was not harpsichord or barock music leaning. Fate chose that he should begin to attend optional harpsichord lessons.

It was an absolute discovery ; one day as playing Jacques Duphly’s « Les Grâces », he had a revelation : He decided to dedicate himself to the harpsichord, and then sold his piano.

In 2014, he settled in France to begin harpsichord studies, in CNSMD of Lyon, and in 2019 get Master in CNSMD of Paris with honors.

In January 2020, Iori was invited as a soloist to give three concerts in Morocco with Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Morocco to play Francis Poulenc’s “le Concert Champêtre for harpsichord and orchestra”.

In February 2022, he was invited by the French Radio « France Musique» to play Jacques Duphly’s pieces for the live broadcast « Générations France Musique, le Live»

Iori Hayashi bio
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